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Heating Engineers Bedford

Impressions Heating are highly experienced heating engineers based in Bedford, serving domestic and commercial customers across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Milton keynes and the surrounding area.

We provide a complete heating service from minor repairs and central heating servicing, back flushing to improve performance and replacement thermostats all the way through to central heating system installation in new builds, existing homes and commercial premises.

Smart Heating

Control your home heating from anywhere in the world. Save time, money & energy by turning down your heating when you are away from home.

Smart radiator thermostats allow you to control the temperature in individual rooms giving you total control of the temperature in your home.

We can install smart heating controls from all the major manufacturers to your existing central heating system.

Central Heating Engineers Maintenance

Over time hot water central heating become less efficient due to the build up of sludge and scaling within your pipework. We can fix this. We can back flush your whole system and clean out all your pipes and radiators so they are good as new and able to work efficiently again.

Sludge and scale can also stop your individual radiator thermostats from working properly. Cleaning will quite often fix faulty valves and we can replace any that have failed for other reasons.

We will make your central heating system work as it should. that way it will cost you less to stay warm.

Central Heating Installation

Fed up with being cold all winter? We can install a bespoke central heating system in your home or office for less than you might think.

As qualified heating engineers, we will design your heating system so that it will work perfectly. Fitted to the highest standard with several thermostat options depending on your budget and needs; Standard radiator values, individual radiator thermostats and even smart controls so you can control your heating from your phone app anywhere in the world.

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